Preliminaries to a Grammar of Gāndhārī

This Monday, at the 224th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society in Phoenix, I presented the paper “Preliminaries to a Grammar of Gāndhārī: Sound System and Morphological Categories.” After an overview of the main varieties of literary Gāndhārī, I proposed a chronology of sound changes between Old Indo‐Aryan and late Gāndhārī. I then discussed two central problems that I face in my preparation of a working grammar of Gāndhārī for the user of manuscript editors: the set of productive morphological categories in Gāndhārī and their relationship to fossilized forms, and the range and practical handling of linguistic variation in Gāndhārī sources. I concluded by giving an update on the tagged corpus of Gāndhārī texts prepared by Andrew Glass and myself for our Dictionary of Gāndhārī.