Collection Split Collection Maintainer
Contents AvSp Parallels Scribes
Frame Fragment 4 Other ID
Type Date -184‒-46 Basis for date radiocarbon dating (2σ range)
Medium Birch bark Findspot Last known location
Dimensions (cm) Lines (r) Lines (v)
Editions Falk 2011, 13, 19 Other refs. Strauch 2008.2, 264; Allon+ 2010, 10; Drewes 2010, 60; Hartmann 2011, 33–4; Falk+ 2014, 54; Harrison+ 2014, viii; Neelis 2014.3, 112; Falk 2015, 26; Clark 2015, 28–9
Comments Edition in progress by Harry Falk. – Added lexical and morphological marking (SB, 2014-07-05).

Buddhistische Handschriften aus Gandhara
New Evidence for Mahayana in Early Gandhāra
Early Indian Mahāyāna Buddhism, I: Recent Scholarship
The ‘Split’ Collection of Kharoṣṭhī Texts
Sensationeller Fund eines Mahāyānasūtras aus dem 1. Jahrhundert
The Bajaur and Split Collections of Kharoṣṭhī Manuscripts within the Context of Buddhist Gāndhārī Literature
As the Dharmacakra Turns: Buddhist and Jain Macrohistorical Narratives of the Past, Present, and Future
A New Gāndhārī Dharmapada (Texts from the Split Collection 3)
A Study of the Apadāna, Including an Edition and Annotated Translation of the Second, Third and Fourth Chapters

  x. . . . Uvadiśo avadana japati . . .

Source: Falk 2011