Collection Bajaur Maintainer
Contents Arap Parallels Arapacana verses Scribes
Frame 11 Fragment 5 Other ID
Type Date 50‒150 Basis for date paleography
Medium Birch bark Findspot Mahal, Mian Kili, District Dir, Bajaur, Pakistan Last known location
Dimensions (cm) 11 × 37 Lines (r) 40 Lines (v) 41
Editions Other refs. Nasim Khan+ 2004; Strauch 2008.3; Strauch 2008.2, 264; Nasim Khan 2008, 21–8; Strauch 2012, 138, 141–4; Salomon 2013.3, 16–7; Falk+ 2014, 52; Baums 2014.4, 183, 200; Melzer 2015; Schlosser+ 2016.2, 309; Scherrer‐Schaub 2017, 245
Comments Transcribed by Ingo Strauch (2006). Edition in progress by Gudrun Melzer.

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