Collection University of Washington Maintainer Collett Cox
Contents CmW Parallels Scribes UWS1
Frame Fragment Other ID
Type Date Basis for date
Medium Birch bark Findspot Unknown Last known location University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Dimensions (cm) Lines (r) Lines (v)
Editions Other refs. Grosenheider 2002; Sengul 2002; Monaghan 2002; Caillat 2003, 458; Strauch 2008.2, 264; Neelis 2011, 242; Cox 2013, 38; Falk+ 2014, 55; Baums 2014.4, 185; Baums 2015.2, 412–3
Comments Transcribed in EBMP meetings (2002–03). Edition in progress by Collett Cox.

An Ancient Manuscript on Early Buddhism
UW Acquires Ancient Buddhist Scroll
A Lost Buddhist Literary Tradition is Found
Manuscrits bouddhiques du Gandhāra
Buddhistische Handschriften aus Gandhara
Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks: Mobility and Exchange within and beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia
Yogācāra Prehistory: The Interpretation of bhāva, svabhāva, abhiniṣpanna and pariniṣpanna in a Gāndhārī Scholastic Text
The Bajaur and Split Collections of Kharoṣṭhī Manuscripts within the Context of Buddhist Gāndhārī Literature
Gandhāran Scrolls: Rediscovering an Ancient Manuscript Type
Commentary: Overview