Collection Schøyen Maintainer
Contents Spsss Parallels Sarvapuṇyasamuccayasamādhisūtra Scribes BamS34
Frame Fragment 89 Other ID
Type Date 200‒300 Basis for date C14, paleography
Medium Palm leaf Findspot Bamiyan, Afghanistan Last known location
Dimensions (cm) Lines (r) Lines (v)
Editions Other refs. Skilling 2010, 216; Salomon 2010; Allon+ 2010, 7–8; Neelis 2011, 243; Radich 2015, 43–4
Comments Transcribed by Richard Salomon, Collett Cox, Andrew Glass and Stefan Baums (2001). Identified by Lin Qian 林倩.

Notes on the Bhadrakalpika‐sūtra
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Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks: Mobility and Exchange within and beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia
The Mahāparinirvāṇa‐mahāsūtra and the Emergence of Tathāgatagarbha Doctrine