Collection British Library Maintainer
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Frame 36 Fragment 19 Other ID J8.4
Type Date 1‒100 Basis for date internal, paleography
Medium Birch bark Findspot Haḍḍa, Afghanistan ? Last known location British Library, London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm) 13.3 × 44.5 Lines (r) 37 Lines (v) 37
Editions Other refs. Salomon 1999, vi; Hartmann 2016, 35; Salomon 2018, 4

Ancient Buddhist Scrolls from Gandhāra: The British Library Kharoṣṭhī Fragments
Literatur ohne Schrift? Der Sonderfall Indien und die Rolle des Buddhismus
The Buddhist Literature of Ancient Gandhāra: An Introduction with Selected Translations