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C.E. Ruler Dynasty
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Subject School Type seal
Medium garnet Findspot Annatkalai, Bajaur Agency, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan Last known location British Museum, London, United Kingdom (1998.7–20.1)
Editions Salomon+ 1999, 15–26 Other refs. Salomon 2005.2, 381, 385; Callieri 2006, 13–4; Baums 2018.3, 44
An Inscribed Seal of Indravarma, King of Avaca
The Indo‐Greek Era of 186/5 B.C. in a Buddhist Reliquary Inscription
The Activity of Gem and Coin Die Engravers in North‐West India between the Indo‐Greeks and the Kuṣāṇas
Greek or Indian? The Questions of Menander and Onomastic Patterns in Early Gandhāra

1. Idravarmasa iśparasa1

Source: Salomon+ 1999
1 Brāhmī: Avacarajasa.
Brāhmī: Avacarajasa.