Year Era Month Day
C.E. Ruler Dynasty
Owner/donor Donor status
Subject School Type relic establishment
Medium gold Findspot unknown Last known location unknown
Editions Salomon 1996.5, 235–8 Other refs. Falk 1998.2, 94; Radich 2007, 525
Comments Earlier reading: Salomon 1996
Five Kharoṣṭhī Inscriptions
Notes on Some Apraca Dedicatory Texts
The Somatics of Liberation: Ideas about Embodiment in Buddhism from Its Origins to the Fifth Century C.E.

1. Mahazada Kiṇi Śama[sa]baha a

2. śari[ra pa]eṭha[ve]di [Ba]manosami śila‐

3. stabhami

Source: Salomon 1996.5