Year Era Month Day
C.E. Ruler Dynasty
Owner/donor Donor status
Subject School Type relic establishment
Medium stone Findspot Bimaran, Nangarhar, Afghanistan Last known location British Museum, London, United Kingdom (1880.27)
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Comments Earlier readings: Wilson 1841, Burnouf 1844, Bird 1847, Cunningham 1854, Dowson 1863, Pargiter 1921, Konow 1929, Fussman 1987, Baums 2012
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Notes on the Edicts of Asoka
The Inscriptions on the Bimaran Vase
A List of Kharoṣṭhī Inscriptions
Kharoshṭhī Inscriptions with the Exception of Those of Aśoka
The Bimaran Casket
The Gāndhārī Dharmapada
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A Bronze Tub with a Brāhmī Inscription from Swat
Catalog and Revised Texts and Translations of Gandharan Reliquary Inscriptions
Reliquaries in the British Museum
Appendix – Tables of Gandharan Reliquaries
Gandharan Reliquary Inscriptions
Buddhistische Reliquienbehälter aus der Sammlung Gritli von Mitterwallner
An Inscribed Bowl from Terrace 57 at Tape Šotor, Haḍḍa
Kushan Power and the Expansion of Buddhism beyond the Soleiman Mountains
A Brief Account on an Inscribed Relic Casket from Marjānai, Swāt
A Framework for Gandhāran Chronology Based on Relic Inscriptions

lid. bhag̱avaṯa śarirehi Śivarakṣiṯasa Muṃja[v]aṃdaputrasa daṇamuhe

base. Śivarakṣiṯasa Mu[ṃ]javaṃdaput[r]asa daṇamuhe ṇiyaṯide bhag̱avaṯa śarirehi sarvabudha[ṇa] puyae

Source: Baums 2012