Year Era Month Day
C.E. Ruler Dynasty
Owner/donor Moga? Donor status
Subject Well School Type
Medium Stone Findspot Maira, Chakwal Dist., Punjab, Pakistan Last known location (disappeared before 1929)
Editions Konow 1929, 11, pl. 2C Other refs. Cunningham 1875, 93, pl. 28; Majumdar 1924, 12; Brough 1961, 524; Tsukamoto 1996, 982
Comments May be part of the same inscription as CKI 39 and CKI 40.
Report for the Year 1872–73
A List of Kharoṣṭhī Inscriptions
Kharoshṭhī Inscriptions with the Exception of Those of Aśoka
A Kharoṣṭhī Inscription from China
Indo bukkyō himei no kenkyū

1. [Moasa] . . .

Source: Konow 1929