Year Era Month Day
C.E. Ruler Theudama Dynasty
Owner/donor Theudama Donor status King
Subject Seal School Type Seal
Medium Stone Findspot Mian Kili, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Last known location
Editions Senart 1889; Konow 1929, 6, pl. 1.3 Other refs. Tarn 1951, 389; Narain 1957, 173; Coloru 2009, 261; Baums 2018.3, 36–8
Notes d’épigraphie indienne, II : Sur quelques pierres gravées provenant de Caboul
Kharoshṭhī Inscriptions with the Exception of Those of Aśoka
The Greeks in Bactria & India
The Indo‐Greeks
Da Alessandro a Menandro: il regno greco di Battriana
Greek or Indian? The Questions of Menander and Onomastic Patterns in Early Gandhāra

1. su Theudama[sa]

Source: Konow 1929