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C.E. Ruler Dynasty
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Medium stone Findspot Jatinga Rameshwara, Ballari District, Karnataka, India Last known location
Editions Woolner 1924, 37; Hultzsch 1925, 179–80, pl. facing 181 Other refs. Thapar 1997, 272; Smith 2005.3, 843–4; Singh 2008, 327; Strauch 2012, 154; Falk 2013.2, 39; Scherrer‐Schaub 2017, 252–3
Comments Findspot coordinates: 14.849722 76.790833
Asoka Text and Glossary
Inscriptions of Asoka
Aśoka and the Decline of the Mauryas
Networks, Territories, and the Cartography of Ancient States
A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India from the Stone Age to the 12th Century
The Character of the Indian Kharoṣṭhī Script and the “Sanskrit Revolution”: A Writing System between Identity and Assimilation
Remarks on the Minor Rock Edict of Aśoka at Ratanpurwa
The Poetic and Prosodic Aspect of the Page: Forms and Graphic Artifices of Early Indic Buddhist Manuscripts in a Historical Perspective

22. (R) . . . (*li)‍[pika]reṇa

Source: Hultzsch 1925